Rose Facial Toner
Rose Facial Toner
Rose Facial Toner

Rose Facial Toner

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Rose Facial Toning Mist 

A light, refreshing face mist that balances PH level of skin and tightens pores. With enhancing clary sage essential oil and complexion clearing lavender essential oil to help even skin tone and renew problematic skin. Cleanses the skin, hydrates and helps in regeneration of skin cells.

+ Lavender Essential Oil: Naturally extracted from the flowers of lavender plants, this essential oil is known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties. It improves the formation of scar tissues. 

+ Clary Sage Essential Oil: Skin health promoter; clary sage oil regulates oil production and reduces inflammation that contributes to dermatitis. Addresses acne and oily skin. 

Directions: Shake well before use. Gently mist over cleansed face; allow to soak into skin or wipe away excess moisture with a cotton ball. 

Ingredients: Rose water, witch hazel, aloe vera extract, essential oil blend of clary sage and lavender.   

Net weight: 2 oz. (60 ml)

Glass Bottle  

Made Without The Use Of: 
Synthetic Fragrances 
SLS or Sulfates 

We NEVER test our products on animals. Our friends and family happily volunteer to be our testers. 

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