VO2CO is a small batch company based in Toronto specializing in natural bath and skincare products that are formulated with high quality plant-based ingredients. All of our products are made using 100% natural ingredients. We take the time to source from reputable suppliers that are USDA approved and supply the purest and natural products. 

We do not use any chemical emulsifiers, stabilizers, or preservatives in any of our products, so you can be confident in what you are putting on and in your body when you buy our products. We carefully formulate each product to contain the best and most therapeutic ingredients. Our products are scented only with essential oils and no synthetic fragrances. In addition, our line of soaps is palm-oil free in light of the controversy surrounding 'sustainably sourced' palm oil and the depletion of rain forests.

The Story 

VO2CO is named after myself, the creator - Thu Vo ( my name is pronounced like the number 2). For years, I've always thought of making natural products but never had the courage to act on it. It is ALWAYS easier said than done. The thought was always on my mind which made me realize it was now or never. The main reason people don't take risks is fear and being comfortable. I told myself (or rather justified to myself) that I was pretty accomplished - graduated University, helped my parents buy a house and landed a great corporate job. But I still felt like something was missing. 
So, I started. I thought of everyday products that I used and researched about them. I researched some more, took workshops and started experimenting myself. I realized that so many of the everyday products contained toxic and harmful chemicals that would affect the body over time. Ingredients like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) a known skin irritant, "phthalates" a hormone disrupter that can cause reproductive issues and parabens which is linked to breast cancer are all commonly used preservatives in the cosmetic industry. This barely touches the surface, there are thousands of other chemicals and toxins; some I can't even pronounce that exist in everyday products you put on your skin and body. I was just like you or others out there that kinda knew about the bad stuff out there but I chose to ignore it. It's much easier picking up these readily available products at your local grocery or drug mart than putting in the time and effort to make concise decisions. You don't have to change your whole life but you can make small changes that affect you and let your skin breathe from all these chemicals you apply to it.

It started with simple face masks then lip balms, soaps, toners and expanded and I went a little crazy.  I wanted to create an option for affordable skincare products that are actually good for you. Plus, finding affordable natural alternatives posed its own challenge. I was very discouraged and wanted to give up so many times. I didn’t have a set plan, a team or the expertise to make my own brand - I thought to myself well I'm going to be using these products and giving them to family and friends - I don't need to do ALL this.. just give up. But I just couldn't let the thought go. If you're obsessed over an idea, make it reality.

Your dreams won't work unless you do. I had amazing support system - everyone seemed to believe in me even when I didn’t. It started with simple recipes for family and friends and slowly expanded after getting great reviews and feedback. All products are made with natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals so I know they are good for you and your family. After numerous classes, workshops and trials and tribulations - you have, VO2CO - Natural handcrafted bath and body products for everyday living.