I Love Matcha - Review by Torific.ca

I love love love matcha!! Tried this Matcha Face Scrub today and love it! 😍❤️Check out my blog post (link in my bio) for my review and ALSO the Black Friday DEAL at @vo2co !! Shop and support local! 😀👍🏻

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TGI Black F! Started my day trying this Matcha Face Scrub and my face feels so smooth and revitalized now!  I really really really love matcha! I wanna have matcha in everything!! How it’s related to Black Friday? VO2CO is having a Black Friday sale that I don’t want you all to miss!! If you wanna try it yourself, go check the deal out! 

I am a matcha/green tea addict and I would love to have matcha in everything!! Really excited that VO2CO sent me this Matcha Face Scrub to try! Thanks!!  VO2CO is a Toronto based company founded by Thu Vo that specializing in natural bath and skincare products making in small batch formulated with high quality plant-based ingredients. Why they attracted me to pick them to feature here are their made in Toronto 100% all natural small batch products.

My Review
First, it smells refreshing! Smells sweet and edible. Haha… I read the ingredients and stopped myself to lick the scrub since it’s all natural.  I can’t, however, really smell the matcha, but it definitely looks green like matcha. 

I feel a tingling cool sensation on my skin when applying. After the rinse, my skin feels smooth and rejuvenated!  It really doubles as moisturizer as it says on the label.