Canadian Lady Bosses

Last Thursday I attended a networking event and wanted to share my experience with you all.
First a little background on Canadian Lady Bosses group and what it represents. 















What is Canadian Lady Bosses?

We are a group created by Canadian Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs to support other like minded women on the journey of Personal, Professional and Leadership Development! While many of our members are Entrepreneurs or aspiring Entrepreneurs, we welcome all Women! Be it you’re a stay at home mom looking to learn from others, a professional with a focus on a corporate career, self employed or a student looking to connect with potential mentors, this group is for you! We call this group Lady Bosses because we believe that every Woman is her own Boss and should be empowered to live to her fullest potential!

Let’s embrace our uniqueness and defy the ceilings we set for ourselves and Learn, Share, Support and Grow together! Some general guidelines: - Feel free to share content that are empowering and uplifting

  • Feel free to share about your business in a tasteful manner
  • Feel free to share about events you will be at or is hosting
  • Please keep it political and religion free as we would like it to be all inclusive and there are more appropriate groups out there to discuss these matters
  • Please be aware that as the group grows, we will collect all feedback and make necessary changes to our guidelines to ensure this group continue to add value to every single member
  • Most importantly have FUN and an open mind to Learn & Share!

I was never a big on networking events; I would attend one here or there but it was a little intimidating as the events were very large and most of the people at the event were very well established and knowledgeable. The event on Thursday was completely different. I felt it was more intimate and there was a chance to talk and mingle with everyone. Best of all, it was all women - some established, some aspiring entrepreneurs and some that just wanted motivation. I was also asked to speak in front of everyone and I was totally not prepared but it was great talking about VO2CO, how it started and the reason behind it. I learned to not feel so intimidated and sharing your own experiences and struggles can help those individuals who are in the same place as you. Everyone can learn from one another and help each other grow. Some things that I really took back from the speakers was to 

1. Set goals for yourself 
2. Celebrate every small success 

I thought these two were important to me this year as I always had trouble setting goals (overthinking or setting too many). This year, I started keeping a agenda with daily goals for myself by writing them down and checking them off. Secondly, I looooooved this statement of celebrating every small success because there are so many times we are so hard on ourselves or think we aren't good enough. Not sure about you, but this is so true for me. Putting myself on a timeline or thinking I'm not progressing but hearing Le (Managing Director of GBS) say this really hit me. It's important to take little steps and remember that any progress is still progress.